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Canvas Account Request: Registrar Form - Community Partner/Affiliate Account Request

If an account is needed for a person who is working with a specific course for a significant amount of time (aka a "community partner"), then your request should be directed to the University Registrar by submitting the form below.

The Registrar can verify this person’s status in Banner or will initiate the process of having them added to Banner if needed. When they are added to Banner, they are also made eligible for standard UNCG computing accounts and added to the course(s) with which they are working.

This type of request should take approximately 1-2 business days to complete. This ensures that the University remains compliant with all policies, rules and regulations regarding access to student & academic data housed in the LMS.

All questions about this process should be directed to the University Registrar: reg.uncg.edu

Account Information
  • Sex:  

  • Citizenship:

  • For the office this affiliate will be working with, provide the office/unit name, and the contact person's name & email who will be responsible for verifying this request. (e.g. In the case of a guest lecturer, provide name of dept, name & email of instructor)

  • Please explain the intended use of the account.

  • List any courses or organizations in which this account should be enrolled and corresponding role. (e.g. Instructor/Leader, TA/Assistant, or Student/Participant)

Agree to UNCG Acceptable Use Policy:
Your use of UNCG computer resources is governed by the Acceptable Use Of Computing And Electronic Resources Policy